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Gomel customs marks facts of money leaving in documents at least once in a week

Officials of Gomel customs continue to detect facts of money leaving in documents, though the tendency on these cases is decreasing

Dear representatives of foreign economic activity!

We invite you to participate in anonymous questionnaire

We invite you to participate in the XI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Innovative Processes in the Customs Sphere: Interaction with the Business Community in Modern Conditions"

During the conference, it is planned to discuss topical issues and problems in the field of customs administration

Honorary, responsible, deserved. The head of the customs office presented state awards to the customs officers

Today, in a solemn atmosphere, the presentation of state awards to employees of the Gomel customs took place

Let's say yes to tourism

Officials of the Gomel customs took part in a water trip on catamarans and kayaks

Counteraction to illegal movement and trafficking of drugs and psychotropics

Other law enforcement agencies, based on the materials of the customs, as well as the customs itself, in the 1st half of 2020, initiated 14 criminal cases

The flow of trucks increased by 12%

An increase in the flow of trucks is observed in the region of responsibility of the Gomel customs in the 1st half of 2020

Gomel Customs summed up the results of work

The results of the activities of the Gomel customs for the 1st half of 2020 were summed up today at the general meeting of the management staff.

Features of the work of Gomel customs during summer holidays

Summer vacation season has come, but the "traditional" for this time, an increase in the flow of cars, buses, passenger trains and airplanes with tourists at checkpoints located in the region of the Gomel customs office is not observed ... It happens because of the epidemiological situation in the world concerning the fact that foreign countries "closed" their borders.

Guide in the electoral system of the Republic of Belarus. The business game of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union “The ABC of a citizen. Version 2.0 ” with employees of Gomel Customs.

A business game “The ABC of a Citizen. Version 2.0” was held at Gomel customs, the purpose of which is in an accessible form to talk about the electoral system of the Republic of Belarus and the procedure for the election of the President of the Republic of Belarus.
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